Disolver Pendraulik

disolwer pendraulik

PENDRAULIK Dissolvers are effective devices for dispersing, mixing, dissolving and spreading solids in liquids. They excellently wet and disperse pigments and fillers in a variety of systems in the paint, chemical and plastics industries. Typical products include emulsion paints, coatings, primers, PVC pastes, rubber, adhesives, binders, resin solutions etc. They are equipped with adjustable gearboxes (variators) for high quality and multi-purpose applications.

The results of the laboratory tests can be applied directly scaled to any production process.

The devices are distinguished by:

  • sturdy, stable construction with stainless steel column and counterweight installed inside for easy guidance of the drive on the linear guide
  • double-bearing agitator shaft
  • three-phase 400V power supply, mechanical variator to ensure constant speed during product viscosity change
  • Shaft guards and process container clamps adapted to the type of each unit
  • Shaft guards in stainless steel 1.4541
  • dispersing discs of stainless steel 1.4541
  • single wall process vessels made of stainless steel 1.4541
  • stainless steel jacketed process vessels 1.4541
  • wide range of tools: dispersing discs, mixing discs, grinding discs (PP)
  • interchangeable product vacuum degassing system
  • interchangeable grinding head system